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    Review date: February 18, 2020.

    Cookies are files that websites store in the user’s browser and which are necessary for providing interactive services when browsing the web.

    According to their origin
    Own cookies created by the website being visited.
    Third-party cookies received when navigating a website generated by a third-party service hosted by that website.
    According to time of permanence
    Session cookies designed to collect and store data while the user is logged on to the website, and which are deleted when the user closes the browser.
    Persistent cookies stored in a computer after the user has closed the website and can be accessed and processed during a time established by those responsible for the cookie.

    According to their purpose
    Technical purposes:
    these cookies are necessary for website function. They are known as “strictly necessary” cookies. They make it possible to control traffic from the server to multiple users at the same time, to identify system users and enable access as a user, etc.
    Customization: these cookies make it possible for each user to configure aspects such as the language in which they wish to view the website or the regional configuration.
    Analysis of performance: these cookies allow anonymous measurement of the number of visits and navigation criteria for different areas of the website.
    Advertising: these cookies allow effectiveness settings to be included in the advert provided on the web pages.
    Behavioral advertising: these cookies allow effectiveness settings to be included in the advertising on the website, based on information about users’ behavior.

    We use only session cookies for technical purposes.
    We are not responsible for cookies used by third-party service provider (web browser).
    To block cookies used by third-party service provider you should change your browser option to block them in the future. Most web browsers (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) automatically accept cookies. The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your computer from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether.

    Visitors to our web site who disable cookies will be able to browse certain areas of the site, but some features may not function.

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