BAGA™ uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Big-Data to ensure product fulfillment.

The solution uses sophisticated algorithms to optimally balance out multiple variables and constraints to ensure fulfillment while maximizing margins. Whenever a customer wishes to buy an article not immediately available at their channel of choice (brick & mortar and online), BAGA™ finds the item at nearby stores or distribution centers and automatically initiates order fulfillment to reduce “lost sales”.

Optimal store inventory sizing is a well-known issue in Retail & Fashion business: the dilemma of stocking the right mix and quantity of products, including customized SKU, is non-trivial. When customers visit either the online channel or brick and mortar stores and don’t find the goods they would like to buy, two major problems occur: (i) Loss of revenue (ii) Customer retention and customer satisfaction gets impacted. The easiest solution is to keep excess inventory which would dramatically reduce profitability.  BAGA™ combines big-data and smart algorithms to deliver the omni-channel customer experience while reducing costs and maximizing profitability.